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We will uncover the biggest tax relief claim possible for you – resulting in more money in your pocket!

Tax law is complex – we understand that, so we will get our experts to do all of the hard work for you. With them, there are no complicated forms to fill in, no legal language to unpick and no tax law to get your head around.

Our team of experts only need a few details to start the process. We’ll then take over and minimise the amount of time required by you.

Are you a commercial property owner?

Are you a UK taxpayer?

Then it’s highly likely you are eligible for tax relief.

Helping you uncover hidden tax relief

Capital Allowances tax relief is a way to claim tax back for all of the embedded items within your commercial property. This includes items such as lighting, heating, cables and pipes. In fact, it covers most things that would stay in the building if you turned it upside down and shook it.

We do all the hard work for you

Knowing what does and doesn’t qualify can be tricky as tax law is complicated. But, with our average client benefit being over £46,000, we’re experts at uncovering all claimable items to secure you the biggest claim possible. To get started all we need are a few simple details, then we’ll take it from there and do all the hard work for you. Your dedicated case manager will look after the whole process right through until you receive your tax relief.

Uncover the largest claim possible

Just a few examples of commercial properties that could be eligible:

Hotels and B&Bs, GP/Dental Practices, Offices, Warehouses, Nurseries and After-School Clubs, Retail Units, Restaurants and Pubs. Plus many more…

Starting your Capital Allowances claim is simple and risk free – just pick up the phone and and we will put you in touch with one of our dedicated case managers. We’ll take a few basic details which will allow us to make an initial assessment of your claim. If we can’t find a significant refund we’ll let you know, and that’s that – no fee, just a few minutes spent on the phone.

In most cases there will be a claim and our dedicated case manager will get working to uncover the hidden value in your company or property. We’ll then send our specialist team to survey your property or activities and get additional details. There are no complicated forms or legal language to understand. Our experts compile the simple, jargon-free report, working closely with you and your accountant.

Helping you uncover hidden tax relief.

It could be the easiest money you’ll ever make. It could be the easiest money you’ll ever make.

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