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Personal Guarantee Insurance

Many clients may be worried about the Liabilities and personal guarantees that may be associated with loans and funding so we work with a provider who supplies Exclusive Personal Guarantee Insurance.

Our Personal Guarantee Insurance is a very niche product and is the only product of its kind in the industry, which will only enhance the services we offer to our clients.  It’s fast becoming a popular choice for anyone who has any kind of business finance loans where a Personal Guarantee is signed. If you have any Commercial Mortgages, Bridging Loans, Development Funding, Asset Finance, Secured/Unsecured loans then this is the product for you. The cover is also available on historical Personal Guarantees so it’s worth contacting us if you have previously signed a PG.

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Personal Guarantee Insurance

Personal Guarantee Insurance that may also be a useful tool in alleviating worries of giving personal guarantees with any form of finance funding. If you would like to speak about any of these other options then please feel free to get in touch or Click Here to Fill out a Personal Guarantee Insurance proposal form.

Despite the best intentions of Directors, things can sometimes go wrong – things which are often outside of their control such as failure of customers or suppliers, regulatory changes or macroeconomic factors.

In the unfortunate event the business becomes insolvent, the lender can call on the Personal Guarantee to recover some of the shortfalls due on the outstanding finance obligations that the business owes to the lender.

Personal Guarantee Insurance can have significant financial impacts for Directors and can prevent the loss of personal wealth.

What is insured?


Personal Guarantee Insurance

If your Company becomes insolvent, and you have entered into a personal guarantee for your company when taking out a loan,

Insurance company will pay the lender:

the sum of the personal guarantee demanded by them up to the limits shown in your policy schedule

less your contribution towards the sum insured and any amount you owe the company (provided this has been declared to and accepted by us)

Insurance company will provide a support desk providing advice and assistance in the event of a precautionary or primary notification under the policy (details of what these are can be found within your policy documentation)


What is not covered?

  •   Any claim where you have not followed the advice provided to you by the support desk
  •   Any claim where we do not receive the notification within the period of insurance shown in your policy schedule
  •   A claim made which has resulted from or is related to your deliberate, dishonest, fraudulent or reckless actions


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Are there any restrictions on cover?

! The total sum insured (less your contribution towards the sum insured) is the total amount payable under this insurance policy in the period of insurance

! You will be responsible for paying a contribution towards the amount the lender demands from you. This is a percentage of the sum insured and is shown in your schedule

! Insurance company will deduct any amount which you still owe the company following the insolvency procedure





Where am I covered?

 The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland



What are my obligations?

  • –  As soon as possible or within 10 working days you will need to notify us of an event which is or is reasonably considered to be either a precautionary or primary notification
  • –  You will need to act in accordance with the advice of the support desk in the event of a precautionary or primary notification
  • –  You will need to make all reasonable and practicable measures to ensure that the Company meets its liabilities to the lender and to avoid the lender making a demand under the personal guarantee
  • –  You must tell us or your broker within 14 days of becoming aware of any inaccuracies or changes in the information you have provided us, whether happening before or during the period of insurance

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When and how to pay?
– For full details of when and how to pay please contact the Insurance company or your broker

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When does the cover start and end?

– This insurance cover is for a 12 month period. The start date and end date are specified in your policy schedule

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How do I cancel the contract?

– You can cancel this contract within 14 days after it starts or within 14 days of receiving documentation (whichever is later) and providing you haven’t made a claim, receive a full refund by contacting us or your broker. If you cancel after 14 days and providing you have not made a claim, you will be entitled to a refund of any premium paid subject to a deduction for any time for which you have been covered, and the administrative cost of providing this insurance.

This  is not a policy document and contains only a summary of cover and exclusions. We strongly recommend, should you decide to proceed, that you refer to the actual policy issued for the full terms and conditions of cover. To discuss any aspect of this insurance please contact the insurance company or your ourselves.

Personal Guarantee Insurance

Personal Guarantee Insurance has been designed to give Directors the confidence to do business, focus on growth objectives and protect their personal estate.

Scope of cover:

Personal Guarantee Insurance is available for Personal Guarantees provided against a wide range of business loans:

Secured loans (where the lender has a charge, debenture or right of title against business assets) which typically include:

  • Asset finance
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Invoice finance
  • Other secured loansUnsecured loans (where the lender does
    not have a charge, debenture or right or title against business assets) which typically include:
  • Credit cards
  • Overdrafts
  • Peer to peer loans
  • Short-term working capital loans
  • Other unsecured loansBusiness Support Services:The Support Desk is staffed by experienced business advisers who are available to help you in order to support any financial issues your business faces. They are committed to working with you to ensure that your business continues to be successful.The Business Support service may help you by introducing you to specialists in:
  • Business recovery
  • Cash flow management

• Credit control management

• Debt management

• Financial restructuring

• Invoice disputes

The Business Support service is available to you at any time and not just following a notifiable event.

Notifiable Events:

We are at your side and here to help.
Your business may at time suffer from any one of a number of financial or trading difficulties. It is important that we are notified as soon as you become aware of any of these – we call these notifiable events.

You need to read your policy carefully to ensure you are aware of all such situations, some examples of notifiable events include:

• County Court Judgements

• Inability to repay debts or creditors as they fall due

• Unexpected expenditure which cannot be met from available cash resources

When you make us aware of a notifiable event we will introduce you to our Business Support Services.

Multiple guarantees?

We can include multiple guarantees on your policy if you have two or more guarantees in place.

More than one guarantor?

Where the personal guarantee has been signed by two or more Directors “jointly & severally” we can include additional Directors on your policy.




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