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In this month’s newsletter we outline quite a few hot topics, House price growth is at it’s slowest pace in five years, Average rent costs have increased in Scotland and women are facing a ‘glaring’ pension gap. Also some breaking news – A few lenders in the BTL sector more relaxed on the 6-month wait before re-finance!

House price growth at slowest pace in five years. The latest data and analysis from Nationwide has shown that UK annual house price…Read more here

1.71% Fixed 2yr 70% LTV

2.09% Fixed 5yr 60% LTV

2.77% Disc. 2yr 75% LTV

3.24% Fixed 2yr 80% LTV

1.75% Fixed 2yr 75% LTV   Read more here


BBC 5 live’s Wake Up To Money has been tracking shop closures and retail administrations and found that more than 7,000 people have lost their jobs….Read more here


Home buyers in the UK could save almost £300 a month by switching their mortgage but many are put off doing so because of over complicated jargon in the industry, a new study suggests.

Indeed, mortgage contracts so complicated they are above the reading age of half of UK adults and 58% of owners are turned off by baffling contracts… Read the full article

Average private sector rents increased by 0.2% in the 12 months to May 2018 but are rising much faster in Edinburgh and the Lothians, up 3.1%, the latest index data shows.

The average rent per calendar month is now £572 with the highest recorded in Edinburgh at £677 per month,

according to the figures from the Scotland rental tracker report from Your Move… Read the full article

Women are facing a “glaring” gender pension gap owing to career breaks to raise children and lower pay, an investment company has said. Young women aged in their late 20s or early 30s faced an 11% smaller pension pot than men by the time they retired, Fidelity International said.

“We have to recognise where we have failed as an industry,” … Read the full article


In Other News – Property

Valuers have got gloomy. According to eMoov, in 20% of their transactions the property is valued at less than the agreed purchase price – up from 5% two years ago. It’s hard to know what to put this down to. Perhaps valuers are pricing in future expectations of prices falling, but I think it’s more likely that buyers are just agreeing to pay over the odds because there’s so little stock out there.

The price of flats hasn’t changed for a year. This perpetuates the myth that houses have better capital growth than flats. But read beyond the headline and you’ll find the real reason: a quarter of all the UK’s flats are in London, where prices have been falling. But perhaps not for long…

London house prices have stabilised. They were up 1.8% in Q2, which now puts them at 0.7% growth for the last twelve months. However, that’s ten times slower growth than Manchester, which leads the UK tables with 7.7% growth.

The latest English Housing Survey is out. The report is surprisingly readable and not too long, with lots of interesting factoids. The scary bit that stood out for me: only one-third of tenants have any savings whatsoever. Of the third who do have savings, only one-third have more than £16,000 – which would probably represent a six-month emergency fund for many people. That means the vast majority of tenants will seriously struggle to pay the rent if they’re out of work for even a month or two.

Research has revealed the places where it takes the longest to sell a property. Don’t hold your breath if you’re looking to offload a property in Rotherham, where it’s currently taking over a year. Actually, I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath regardless of geography because it’s going to take more than a few minutes to sell anywhere in the country.

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