January Newsletter
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January Newsletter
Hadrian Capital Finance

Happy New Year from us at Hadrian Finance. We hope you had a great xmas holiday. January is a time to review the past year and look forward and plan ahead.In this month’s newsletter, we outline quite a few hot topics, including SME’s don’t secure the funding they need, Specialist funding, especially self-build mortgages are on the rise in Scotland and the Self-employed market continues to flourish.
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UK Business Funding

sme funding

New report shows over a third of SMEs don’t secure the funding they need

he report titled ‘Improving Access to Finance for UK SMEs’ claims to be one of the biggest surveys of SMEs and specialist lenders ever undertaken and was designed to find out their views on what needed to be done in terms of improving access, awareness and building confidence.
It took insight from organisations representing some 250,000 businesses…

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self employed

Self-employed mortgage market is ‘no fad’

dence of the growing sustainability of the self-employed mortgage sector has been reinforced as the latest data from Knowledge Bank’s revealed it was the most searched for criteria in the residential market.
Lenders who would accept self-employed applicants with one year’s worth of accounts have now been the top search on its Criteria Activity Tracker for three months.
Revealing its top five most searched criteria in November,

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Property News

Changes to Universal Credit Good News for Landlords

There will be a new online system for landlords to get rents paid directly to them, and rates will be unfrozen from next year. Will it tempt back some of the many landlords who’ve turned their backs on tenants claiming benefits? We’ll see. Read More




How to maximise your income in holiday letting

To help your property reach its full potential, Rowena Owen, Director of Operations at boutique holiday-let agency Mulberry Cottages, has shared her tips on how to maximise the income of your holiday let.. Read More




Specialist Lending in Scotland

Lending in Scotland is not too dissimilar from other areas of the UK, but there remain some differing practices and quirks in property law which need to be incorporated into propositions. In historical terms this is an area which has been dominated by a few larger players and this combination, alongside risk, regulation and demand has inhibited many lenders from entering the market…Read More