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What Happens When you have a disaster with your property

Whether it’s your own home or you own a single property or have buy to lets or a large portfolio or any commercial property then it’s vital to know that if something happens then you get the right advice to ensure your insurance claims are being dealt with in the best possible way. Not many people know that when they phone the insurance company the loss adjuster will work on behalf of the insurance company and that there are also Loss Assessors _ who work on behalf of the client.

When you’re dealing with a disaster such as a fire, flood, burglary or vandalism, it’s traumatic and emotionally draining. Add to that the complex process of making your insurance claim, the distress of remembering everything you’ve lost, what needs to be replaced and sometimes, finding somewhere to live! It is one of the most emotionally and financially draining events you will ever deal with. Which is why using an insurance loss assessor is key to help you make perfect sense of all the logistics.

Whats the difference between a Loss Assessor and Loss Adjuster

Your insurance company will have a team of experts to call on to investigate your claim. You’ll meet their loss adjuster whose sole job is to ensure the insurance company pays out as little as possible. You may even find yourself questioned as if you’ve done something wrong. A loss Assessor will work on your behalf and never let this happen to you.

If you need to make a property based insurance claim, they look at the damage, assess the costs involved and if you prefer, take over all discussions on the claim with the insurers or loss adjusters concerned. Using their expertise, is easier for you because they take care of everything. They can negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf to get you every penny you’re entitled to. You will have your own loss assessor to negotiate the best possible outcome for you and not the insurance company.

After the Emergency

After the initial emergency is over and they’ve made your property safe from further damage, the loss assessor can assist you with the next phase of reinstatement or rebuild. Before they can start you may need to consider the following: Decontamination and sanitisation of premises, Asbestos testing and removal

And to reassure you of a truly bespoke one stop experience, your personal project manager will be able to assist you with an entire range of reinstatement work options to meet your individual needs.

They can help you with any kind of property claim, specifically Fire, Flood, Explosion, Storm, Impact Damage, Subsidence, Theft,Burglary, Contents, Business Loss, Liability Claims, Professional Indemnity, Loss Of Licence

These services are perfect for homeowners, landlords, letting agents, commercial and industrial property owners.

What to do if you have a Property Problem

If you or anyone you knows has any property problems listed above, give me a call and I can help put you in touch with a great local Loss Assessor Service. Give me a call on 07764185862 or Email: